Knowledge is power. Check out these resources: 

Cope with loneliness and build the social support you need and want. Therapists at North Berkeley Counseling can help!


Loneliness is a pervasive issue in our society. Check out these resources. 

self esteem and body image problems can lead to terrible suffering. ACT, CBT, and mindfulness therapy can help. Talk to your North Berkeley Counselor for more info.

Eating Disorders/Body Image

Learn more about unhealthy body image, harmful attitudes about food, and disordered eating behaviors and how to move forward. 

Couples counseling with a North Berkeley Counselor can help with marital and relationship problems.

Dating and Relationships

Relationships are hard work! Couples and individuals can benefit from these resources related to communication, conflict, marriage, divorce, infidelity, trust, forgiveness, and more... 

therapy for anxiety can help! CBT therapy is particularly effective. talk to your north berkeley therapist about how cbt might help you


Learn more about your anxiety and how to overcome it with these helpful articles, apps, and tools... 

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